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Lever Hoists

DRE supply Lever Hoists & Accessories throughout Ireland.

Products we supply include Lever Hoists, Chain Hoists, Manual Electric Pneumantic & Hydraulic Hoists & Winches, Beam Clamps & Trolleys along with Lifting Slings & Chains from our base situated on the Wexford, Carlow, Wicklow borders. 

We are always improving and perfecting our products to help supply top quality performing equipment.

Please browse through our wide range of Equipment, if you cant find what you are looking for feel free to call us, we would be glad to assist.

Heavy Duty Manual Lever Hoists

  • High grade steel body protects gears and brake system , ideal for confined space applications And can be used to lift engines , mouldings etc..
  • Easy to use free wheel mechanism that enables chain to be pulled freely when not under load.
  • Short arm lever and special gear ratio allows an easy lift with minimum stress and maximum security.
  • Available in:
  • 750kg 
  • 1500kg
  • 3000kg
  • 6000kg

Heavy Duty Manual Lever Hoist wexford ireland

High End Lever Hoist

  • 250kg - 10,000kg , standard height of lift chain 1.5m , but can be supplied with longer chain to suit customer requirements.

    Corrosion & Explosion protection ratchet lever hoists (ATEX approved)

    Trolleys 500kg - 20,000 , screw type trolleys and geared chain trolleys available on request.(Atex approved also available)

  Ratchet Hoist wexford ireland